Trade setup explained on SUGARUSD chart

Impulse and correction,

We have a perfect example down here. In this trade setup price was forming impulse and then correction in the form of Flag and keep falling price repeat this pattern very often.

In the following chart, Price formed Impulse and the possibilities of flag formation were very high.

In the following chart we can see price started to form the flag and were completing that trade setup which were being expected before its formation, 

In the following chart, We can see that price repeated that same behaviour and formed that trend continuation pattern which we call flag and started to fall and completed the wave which we were anticipating before its formation.

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  1. Arshad

    amazing sir

  2. Arshad

    very impressive

  3. nick nick

    vry nice moving smoothly according to your prediction ….

  4. christophe LESIEUR

    Hello, I am interested in your class, and your group. I am based in Hong Kong. I have been trading forex with OANDA for 4 months now, on a part time (I also have my own business).

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