LONG BTCUSD watch bottom for another leg

Hi there, If you were following me on BTCUSD -0.96% since last couple of days then you know we were looking for BTCUSD -0.96% to form new high. I am still looking for one more bullish . We are having very nice Trend Continuation pattern which is about to break up. Watch bottom for buy. In case price do not hold and break below the previous low. The dont look for buy it can further push for downside then we will watch for the change in pattern formation and relook for the buy. So far we are in bullish trend and we are having a Trend reversal channel at the top we may see one more bullish leg in the pattern. Watch bottom of flag and look for buy. Trade with care and watch price action carefully if price action convince to get in the market then buy otherwise wait and watch how market react at the bottom of the flag.

Watch another breakout. Buying on the current breakout will carry a risk if you are already in from bottom maximise your profit watch for another breakout.

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