LONG BTCUSD Watch bottom for another buy

Hi there, BTCUSD 1.43% is still strong, We have seen very nice strong impulsive move from $5700 are. It is forming flat channel watch bottom for buy. In case price breakdown and test the impulsive area we will look for buy at bottom again. We are still looking for 10K mark.

Trade with care and use only that much risk which you can afford to lose. Dont Trade with that money which you cant afford to lose. Every Single trade is not a winning trade so use risk according to that.

Comment: Breakout is about to come keep eyes
Comment: So this short term wave is completed. We are looking to hit the 10k mark in coming days and this is very easy for the bitcoin to reach over there. It is still very very strong. The strength we have seen on this correction is more strong then ever before so watch for the previous high to break up and continuation.10k Mark is just next door. Good luck and enjoy your trade fellows


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