DXY 2018 Will be bullish for USD

Hi there, DXY -1.08% is about to complete the bearish wave the wave we were looking for on 4hr time frame for downside.

Big players are getting ready for reversal on USD for 2018. Last week closed strong bearish on DXY -1.08% and strong Bullish on EURUSD 1.43% . We believe that DXY -1.08% and EUR will not go far away as they have already moved a lot so reversal is on the card very soon if we dont see reversal at least we will see bigger correction for continuation but that’s secondary . Currently there is no any sign for reversal on lower time frame. Next week it will be crucial for the DXY -1.08% and EURUSD 1.43% to give some signal on lower time frame for reversal.

If price action start to build on lower time frame then look for buy on DXY -1.08% and sell on EURUSD 1.43% . Thanks for your support.

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