Training Course 2017

Lesson 1. Impulse and Correction

Lesson 2. Rules Application

Lesson 3. Time Frame Selection

Lesson 4. Entry and stop placement based on Waves Structure and patterns

Lesson 5. CandleStick Chart Patterns

Lesson 6. Indicators Applications

Lesson 7. Patterns (Part 1)

Lesson 8. Pattern (Part 2)

Lesson 9. Elliot wave patterns

Lesson 10. How to set target

Lesson 11. How a pattern can change

Lesson 12. Wave counting using MACD

Lesson 13. How to look for short term trade setups

Lesson 14. Trend Continuation Pattern and MACD indicator

Lesson 15. Entry Strategies

Lesson 16. (1. Price Action 2. Entries 3. Stop Placement 4. Trade Management)

Lesson 17. Risk Management and Pattern Identification

Lesson 18. MACD Loss of Momentum

Lesson 19. How to place stop loss

Lesson 20. Elliot Wave and Classical Chart Patterns Theories

Lesson 21. How to draw trend lines correctly

Lesson 22. How to use MACD

Lesson 23. How to enter on TCP

Lesson 24. How to overcome on common mistakes for effective analysis

Lesson 25. Chart size and Chart Zoom size

Lesson 26. Watching for impulse on lower time frame